Goodbye Limes

Saying goodbye to a place you’ve called home for 2 years is not easy. Goodbye to friends who have become family, children I wish I could smuggle home in my suitcase, and a culture and country that has opened my California-white-girl-first-world-problems-eyes. I was holding one of my (yes, favorite) Limes kids today, Nathan, and I kept whispering to him, “So tomorrow is my last day. I’m going to have to say goodbye and I won’t see you again. Most likely not for a really, really long time.” Meanwhile he was busy looking at the kite in the sky or the ants on the ground. A month will go by and I will be a distant memory. I’ll see pictures posted of him on Facebook from future volunteers and will want to well up at the sight of how much he’s grown since I last laid eyes on him. Volunteering with these kids has most definitely not always been the easiest, but when one of them runs up to give you a hug during the middle of class for no reason at all you realize it’s all worth it. I will SO miss all of those tiny, dirty, sweaty hugs.

Considering tomorrow is the last day of Limes I’ll limit my nostalgia to just them tonight. I still have 11 days to enjoy friends and the rest of Grenada. Send good thoughts my way tomorrow afternoon…I can already feel the preliminary tears coming now!

Here’s my little man in action:


Thanks Miss Kim for the cool shades and sweet shot!


2 thoughts on “Goodbye Limes

  1. He sure loves his Miss Taylor!!!! Tomorrow is going to be rough :/ I hope this guy is ready for lots of snuggles from you!!!!! 🙂

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